Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Back Pain

Posture ChartBack pain is a common problem that impacts the lives of many adults. Much of this pain is the result of a sedentary lifestyle, which can also lead to even more serious problems then pain alone. For example, sedentary lifestyles can lead to obesity and an increased risk of developing diabetes. Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes that we can make which may reduce pain and reduce the likelihood of developing chronic illnesses.

Most people that suffer from back pain will find the back pain prevention tips on their webpage helpful. Generally speaking most, back pain suffers can reduce the severity of their pain by making lifestyle choices which include more exercise, a greater focus on weight control and using posture positive techniques while sitting or lifting. Let’s look how these lifestyle changes can help you to reduce back pain. Continue reading

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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Features and Specifications

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair SpecificationsAlthough there are many balance ball chairs available, each model has a unique set of features and specifications. Consumers need access to this important information so that they may shop in confidence and know that their purchase will result in receiving a high quality product that will function as described. Gaiam balance ball chairs are not designed for everyone, and our posted specifications will help you to determine if you should get a Gaiam balance ball chair or not.

Gaiam balance ball chairs are unique in that their owners are protected for life with a no hassle warranty. Should anything fail on this chair, arising from normal use, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the consumer. Few manufacturers offer such a warranty, but it is important to note as most of us will sit in our chairs for two-thousand hours or more in our offices. Continue reading

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Reviews of Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair RatingAlthough I own a Gaiam balance ball chair, I understand how important it is for you to make an educated purchasing decision. Therefore, it is important to consider the opinions of others that own Gaiam balance ball chairs. Below I will discuss some of the pros and cons of this chair and provide you with an objective review.

By considering the ratings over nearly five-hundred individual Gaiam balance ball chair reviews, this model scores 82% out of a possible 100%. This collective rating is certainly respectable, considering that most other models have lower consumer ratings. But why were these people not completely satisfied with their chairs? Continue reading

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Where to Order a Gaiam Balance Ball Chair From

Gaiam Balance Ball ChairsThere are many retailers available that sell ergonomic office furniture and related supplies. However, most of these products simply are not found in neighborhood stores. For this reason, online shopping opportunities typically offer consumers the best opportunity to quickly locate a Gaiam balance ball retailer. Below you will find information on how you can save money when purchasing a Gaiam balance ball chair.

As noted previously, few local stores actually stock balance ball chairs or their selection is so limited that you will be better off finding the best value online. My advice is that you place your order from this Gaiam balance ball chairs retailer. Not only do they have reasonable prices, but they currently include free shipping with every online order. For a package that weighs about twenty pounds, the savings on freight alone can be worthwhile in itself. Continue reading

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Why Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs Work

Proper Gaiam Balance Ball Chair IllustrationThe value of any product is measured by the both the value and benefits it provides to its users. Gaiam balance ball chairs are exceptional office furniture classed products that work extremely well. But to achieve an improved posture, from sitting on a fitness ball, these chairs must encourage ergonomic benefits that reduce stress in the back. Let’s take a look at why an improved posture and spinal alignment is possible with the Gaiam balance ball chair.

Sitting in a standard office chair places an enormous amount of stress on the lower back. The muscles used to remain upright, while seated in a traditional office chair, are mainly limited to the back. Our backs were not designed to endure such a load over an extended period of time. By sitting on a fitness ball, the load to remain upright is spread throughout or entire core muscles. By sharing the burden of remaining upright with more muscles, most people find that their back pain and discomfort is greatly reduced. Continue reading

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Who Should Use a Gaiam Balance Ball Chair?

Poor Sitting PostureAnyone that works at a desk all day long typically suffers from back pain or discomfort at one point or another. Some people, due to other medical conditions, suffer from extraordinary pain while sitting down for long hours. In many cases, these people suffer from an improperly aligned spine that causes a medical condition named sciatica.

Sciatica results from compression or irritation of nerve roots that supply the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs along the same path as the spine and is susceptible to irritation from simply slouching while sitting. This is why posture is so important and helps people to keep their spin in proper alignment. The Gaiam balance ball chair is uniquely designed to help people maintain the proper alignment of their spine. Continue reading

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What are Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs?

Charcoal Colored Gaiam Balance Ball ChairMost office chairs are typically the same. Some office chairs are made from cloth, vinyl or even leather. Outside of the ability to make adjustments to the chair for personal comfort, they are all pretty much the same. On the other hand, Gaiam balance ball chairs are entirely different.

Just like a traditional chair found at an office desk, the Gaiam balance ball chair does have a base and rolling casters (wheels). This allows the occupant to move around freely from their desk to a filing cabinet or other nearby piece of office equipment. What makes the Gaiam balance ball chair different is that it uses a fitness ball for occupants to sit on. Continue reading

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